Exuberance Usage Reports

The use reports feature provides a consolidated view of cost and usage info at the aggregation level. For example , it displays aggregate metric values just like « Article views » and « Problems solved by articles.  » These accounts are comma-separated value (CSV) files which might be generated daily and kept in an Object Safe-keeping bucket. To perform a consumption report, select the type in the list and click Agenda Report. Otherwise, you can access these accounts by hovering more than a folder in the Usage site and selecting the Stats button that looks. Then, pick the desired day range and schedule the report for the recurring basis.

You basics can configure and customise each consumption report according to your business requirements. Use the buy, filter, and limit records options to create these variables. Then, type in a brand for the custom drill-down on the top remaining to save the usage record.

Use the Standard usage are accountable to analyze what sort of company works with respect to related companies based upon various measures/derived metrics. The report comes anywhere close the selected industry’s data with a group of similar businesses that you identify using any Company characteristic.

You can also find a downloadable organizational-level usage statement on the Events Consumption tab with the Amplitude admin console. This kind of report specifics usage of almost all events throughout all projects and portfolios in your business. It can be especially helpful for organization admins who want to assessment the features and content—including graph and or chart types, dashes, notebooks, and event templates—that their persons rely on.