Percentage of Gay People

Percentage of gay persons

In the 1970s, a prominent eager beaver group in the US named the Countrywide Gay and lesbian Task Push used a statistic to enhance their significant politics — that you in fifteen Americans was gay. Today, that shape is always a potent icon of the size and diversity of your LGBTQ community.

Nevertheless the percentage of american citizens who will be gay or perhaps lesbian is significantly lower than that, according to surveys. It could only slightly over 10 % of the human population, according to modern polls and surveys online.

There are several reasons behind this. For starters, most people typically want to they’re gay and lesbian or lesbian when they don’t actually want to be.

Also, many people abhor the idea of becoming gay or lesbian because they fear the undesirable consequences. That features discrimination, harassment and violence.

Another reason that many people don’t desire to be gay or perhaps lesbian is they think 2 weeks . sign of weak point. This is especially true in certain areas of the world in which gay rights are still illegal, just like Africa.

Across the globe, banal in most countries remain among the least acknowledging of homosexuality. In sub-Saharan The african continent and in mainly Muslim countries, for instance , solid majorities of citizens declare homosexuality probably should not end up being accepted by society.